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We offer you full service in the area of gearboxes and main shafts, from individual spare parts to complete project management.

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In cooperation with the experienced technicians and engineers at Deutsche Windtechnik, we offer excellent conditions for professional repairs of gearboxes, main shafts and drive trains.

After remounting the gearbox, we optimally align the gearbox and generator. Using state-of-the-art measuring instruments, the amount of necessary work is comparatively small, but the benefits are considerable. Improper alignment will lead to the next gearbox and coupling damage and also reduces the yield by up to 1%.

It is essential to check the alignment at regular intervals. During operation of the system, the adjustment parameters change. That is completely normal.

We can move components weighing up to 50 tonnes in our workshop. This is sufficient for all gearbox types up to 2.5 MW. Our engineering team is specialised in the common gearbox types. If possible, we carry out optimisations on the gearboxes. We have ready-to-install upgrade packages for some gearbox types.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Economical repair at the quality level of new parts
  • Short repair times
  • Provision of replacement components
  • Complete service including demounting/remounting on the wind turbine
  • Competent and uncomplicated processing
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